Stronger You, SWK October Challenge

The Focus: finding daily peace within the mind and body through powerful daily practices 

the goal

 Oct. 3 - Oct. 31

Short workouts were cute for the summer, but we're back to business babe. 

All right team, summer is officially winding down which means we're getting back into our wellness routines. September is a major month of resetting, refocusing and re-prioritizing OURSELVES! Don't know where to start? We've all been there, trust me! The SWK September Challenge is definitely here to help you and we're kicking things off with 7 straight days of LIVE WORKOUTS. The first time in Sweat with Kelsey history, we are beginning the challenge with a week full of lives just incase you need that extra accountability. I got you! Best of all, you can join the challenge FOR FREE until Tuesday with the 7 day free trial being extended to 30 DAYS! 🥳 


Summer is officially in full throttle and things are about to get SWEATY! That's right, this summer we are not making excuses nor pushing our workout routines to the side. Instead the focus this month is to commit to efficient and effective workouts that really can be done anywhere, anytime. There will be multiple series added to the platform each week that are considered "quickie workouts" that require minimal amount of equipment. Whether you're on the beach, by the pool or at the cottage you can join in with the SWK community this month FOR FREE! We have extended the free trial to 30 days until Aug. 6 (challenge start date) so what really are you waiting for?! See below for more details!


Included in the October Challenge

+ monthly & daily check-list

+ exclusive member masterclasses w/ special guests

+ weekly workout schedule, live sessions + new series

+ full access to HIH platform (breath-work + daily motivation)

+ 15 new healthy fall recipes & unlimited access to recipe library

+ Member only FB group for daily accountability & check-ins


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