Small Group Training



Welcome to the Sweat Club! This 6-week small group training experience combines all the benefits of personalized training, to help each member achieve their unique fitness goals, while working together with an amazing team to keep you motivated every workout.

We will cover all of the essential elements of an exercise program, including: 

  • Pre- and post-exercise mobility sequences
  • Basic movement patterns and foundational lifts 
  • Exercise for fat-burning and body composition goals
  • How to structure an effective exercise program 
  • Top nutrition tips to enhance the benefits of exercise

You will leave this program with a solid understanding of exercise foundations and movement basics, corrective exercises for any imbalances you may encounter, how to create an exercise program tailored to your specific goals and one BIG step closer to achieving your ultimate fitness goals. 

Start the New Year a stronger version of YOU! 



GROUP 1: Jan. 7th - Feb. 13th                                                                     GROUP 2: Feb. 18th - Mar. 26th

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6:30am                                                                Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6:30am             

Location: Stackt Market (Sweat Feels - 28 Bathurst St.)                       Location: Stackt Market (Sweat Feels - 28 Bathurst St.)



12 Sessions - $345.00 + HST

*Please note Sweat Club is a 6 week commitment 




Group Fitness & Private Classes

THE STRONGER THE BETTER! Offering group fitness and private group fitness classes downtown Toronto and in the North York Region. All classes are strength and conditioning based focussing on proper technique and form. Strength training is an essential part of exercise that is commonly avoided due to lack of knowledge. During group training we teach, learn and grow together in a challenging yet motivating environment. You will be maximizing calorie burn while pushing to your limits and testing your strength. Leave each session feeling stronger and begin to see physical and mental changes in your daily living. All fitness levels are welcome, everyone starts somewhere! 


Class Schedule


Booty + Core           Location: lululemon, The Attic (318 Queen St. W)       Time: Monday @ 6:30 PM



HIIT Bootcamp      Location: Canoe Landing Park, City Place                   Time: Saturday @ 10:30 AM


Class Rates

  • Kelsey Rose Fitness
  • Kelsey Rose Fitness
  • Kelsey Rose Fitness




Small Group Training

6 Week Program: Back to Basics 


Eat Mindfully + Move Confidently 

Welcome to Back to Basics! This 6-week program (2x weekly) was designed to teach foundational movements to ensure confidence in the gym and when using weights - an essential part of exercise females tend to shy away from.  Whether it be for lack of knowledge or simply just not feeling comfortable with weight training, we give you the ability to perform effective workouts when on your own. All movement sessions are form focussed, learning primal movements such as squat, hinge, lunging as well as push/pull exercises. You will be actively learning and then applying during the workout. You will also become more aware surrounding the benefits of mobility/activation and how to properly perform both. 


We also provide you with nutritional information along the way with 6 weeks of customized meal plans and food journaling. There are three sessions dedicated to nutrition 101 and learning how to properly fuel your body. Making healthy conscious decisions with food is just as important to ensure a healthy active lifestyle. There is a sweat/workout component with every session. Feel strong, confident and ready to conquer your workouts after the 6 weeks are completed!


Is this for you?

  • Fitness Level: beginner/intermediate
  • 1 hour workout sessions focussed on proper form + patterning with foundational movements 
  • Gain confidence in the gym and when using weights (dumbbells, kettlebells etc.)
  • Nutrition 101 sessions w/ holistic nutritionist + receive a personalized 6-week meal plan and food journal 
  • Small group environment: 12 participants and 2 trainers 



Dates: Tuesdays & Thursdays (Starting May 7th - June 14th)

Time: 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Location: RYU Downtown Toronto (361 Queen St. W)

Pricing: $375.00 + tax