Private Services

Private Training

From the average individual to youth and even pre/post natal women, we have experience training a wide variety of individuals. All new clients will be receive a free 30 minute consultation to discuss current fitness regime and one of our certified personal trainers (CPT) will facilitate you through a movement assessment.  We will also establish short term and long term goals with in-depth progressive steps towards achievement. All programs are individualized to specific needs focussing on a combination of strength training, conditioning and mobility (i.e. , weight training, TRX, kettlebell and circuit training) – varies client to client based on body type and needs.

We place a major emphasis on correct form with exercise pairing which will maximize your time at the gym and speed up the result process. Our goal is to get you comfortable and confident with your workouts and learn skills that you will be able to adapt to on your own. It is recommended that clients train at least 2-3 times per week in order to stay motivated and maintain progress. No gym membership is required.

Pricing: $120.00 per session (sold in packages of 10)

Holistic Nutrition

Working with a Nutritionist is a great way to invest in yourself and your health. By working one-on-one with Emily Dawson (RHN), you can rest assured knowing that all recommendations will be personalized and tailored to you. We will dig deep to discover the root cause of your symptoms, and I will be here to guide and support you through every step of your journey to optimal health. You will also have access to Emily through email for the entire duration of our time together. Click here to view all holistic nutrition services

Corporate Wellness

As corporate wellness continues to trend throughout the corporate space, there's no doubt in the long lasting benefits that can come from weekly team movement. Creating a workplace environment that also focuses on mental and physical health is valuable for not only employees but executives as well. Some benefits of establishing workplace wellness programs include increased workplace productivity, community/team building, decreases stress and risk of illness, promoting healthy habits plus many more. Expecting high performance results from employees goes hand and hand with creating a work environment that is inclusive of physical and mental wellness. 

With experience teaching corporate wellness in the heart of the financial district downtown Toronto, we provide business with movement sessions and nutritional seminars ranging from 30-60 minutes at lunchtime or after work.Due to COVID-19, we now also offer virtual corporate wellness classes via zoom and discounted group rates for the Sweat with Kelsey Platform in which employees have full access to the on-demand platform of workouts at their own convenience at home. Please inquire for rates.

Corporate Health Care Services

We provide and manage clients with private concierge services related to individual health care or personal needs:

Household Maintenance and Management, Personal Assistance, Mobility Assistance and Associated Services, RMT, Occupational Therapy , Nursing Services

Career Consulting

Looking to get into the fitness industry but don't know where to start? Thinking about starting a social media platform to run your business but have no idea where to even begin? With first-hand experience in becoming a leader in the fitness industry and developing a personal brand, we offer consulting services to ambitious individuals ready to take a leap. This is strictly health and wellness based unless you are looking for consulting strictly for social media - regardless of the industry we are here to help.

Pricing: $120.00 per session. Packages available with discounted rate upon request

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