Corporate Wellness

As corporate wellness continues to become more and more predominant within corporations, it is clear the long lasting benefits that reside. There’s no secret that working a 9-5 desk job can have serious health (and mental health) implications on employees who are sedentary the entire work day. Working isn’t always fun and exciting and it can affect productivity and creativity levels. Expecting high performance from employees goes hand and hand with creating a work environment that is enjoyable and progressive.

With experience teaching corporate wellness in the heart of the financial district, we provide individuals with the opportunity to get a serious sweat sessions in and to let go of all the stresses of work (and life!).

Benefits of establishing workplace wellness programs:

  • Increases workplace productivity
  • Builds a community
  • Decrease stress + anxiety
  • Promotes healthy habits
  • Decreases risk of illness
  • Increases HAPPINESS!

AVAILABILITY: 45-60mins during lunch-time or after work


Corporate Health Care Services

We provide and manage clients with private concierge services related to individual health care or personal needs:

Household Maintenance and Management 

Personal Assistance

Mobility Assistance and Associated Services


Occupational Therapy 

Nursing Services - RN, RPN, PSW, ADLS, IADLS,



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