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When looking to make health conscious changes to your current lifestyle, having a clear plan is the first step. The problem is, most people do not know where to start and are left feeling overwhelmed with all the possible changes to be made. Seeking assistance from a professional like myself will allow you the ease and comfort of knowing you are taking the necessary steps towards achieving and maintainingn a healthy active lifestyle.

We work one-on-one with clients helping them reach their goals whether it be with career, fitness or lifestyle based. we offer different packages depending on what suits your needs, ranging from one-time to ongoing services lasting over a period of weeks even months. Read more about our services below!


Workout Programs

Most individuals go to the gym having an idea about what they should be doing, but aren't educated on the workouts/exercises that will help them achieve their goals. Workouts should be specific to the individual ensuring it is suitable for all complexes, injuries and concerns they may have. We offer personalized workout programs based off of individual needs. The process begins with a 20 minute phone conversation to discuss exercise experience, medical history, goals etc. and clients will receive their first 12-week workout plan in 72 hours. There will also be check-ins every 3 weeks and open communication anytime between us and the client answering any questions that may arise. Having a custom workout plan is also a great way to stay motivated while being held accountable regardless of your location!


Pricing: Starting at $225.00 per 12-week program



When it comes to living a healthy active lifestyle it can be very overwhelming as you try to transition from your current habits to healthy ones. With the overflooding incorrect information that is constantly pushed on us in the media, most individuals tend to try out the latest trends and fads that may not necessarily be the best option for them. Living a healthy lifestyle requires major lifestyle changes, and we are here to get you on the right track! From making recommendations on habits to eliminate, inputting smart choices that make sense for your lifestyle and turning short-term goals into long term living, the opportunities to transform yourself into a healthy human are endless!


Pricing: $80.00 per session. Packages available with discounted rate upon request



Looking to get into the fitness industry but don't know where to start? Thinking about starting a social media platform to run your business but have no idea where to even begin? With first-hand experience in becoming a leader in the fitness industry and developing a personal brand, we offer consulting services to ambitious individuals ready to take a leap! This is strictly health and wellness based unless you are looking for consulting strictly for social media - regardless of the industry we are here to help.


Pricing: $110.00 per session. Packages available with discounted rate upon request


Services Summary

  • Personalized training programs
  • Social media start-up & marketing
  • Career planning
  • Lifestyle guidance
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Ongoing support and motivation


Please contact for all inquiries and further information!