Kelsey Rose

I am a fitness and lifestyle coach (CPT) inspiring others to live a healthy active lifestyle. I am dedicated to bringing awareness surrounding the benefits of exercise and the major differences it can make with daily living. I share my passion through helping individuals set goals and working with them towards achievement. Fitness and good health are two components in life we shouldn’t live without. When I am active I feel my best which is a feeling I am always encouraging others to find – friends, family, clients and to every person I reach through my social platforms.

With a Bachelor of Education, I have transitioned from classroom teaching to teaching individuals how to take care of their bodies and lead a balanced life. The gratification from learning, improving and growing with clients fuels my passion within this industry. My end mission is to empower and motivate all individuals to lead a healthy active lifestyle. Every day I look forward to spreading positivity and sharing my passion.

Kelsey Rose Fitness

The foundations of Kelsey Rose Fitness are built on strength, empowerment and positive mind and body. We focus on developing overall strength in an environment that is both encouraging and supportive. We empower and uplift those around us to push to their limits and be the best versions of themselves - before, during and after training. Every individual who joins the community will leave feeling stronger mentally and physically when walking out the door. Our mission is improve overall health while strengthening the physical mind and body.

Whether you are doing a one-on-one or joining a class, there is a major focus on form and technique during training. All new movements are properly explained, demonstrated and then executed by the participants. Weight training can be intimidating to individuals with little experience however we ensure that all participants feel comfortable within the workout environment!

Personal Trainer

Bree Munno

Bree is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fascial Stretch Therapist. Her passion for fitness and fascination with the human body started when she got involved in competitive cheerleading at a young age.  After several years as a competitor, she became a coach and mentor for other athletes, which led to her career in personal training. 

Bree studied Kinesiology and Exercise Science, which provided her with a thorough understanding of the body and how it functions from the inside-out. Her 6 years of extensive experience with clientele of all ages and abilities, has afforded her the skills necessary to refine her coaching practice. Bree’s personalized approach to training starts with an individualized program for each client, based on their needs and goals, utilizing a research-based approach to achieving body composition and performance goals.

Her philosophy is that training should prepare you for your optimal life, whatever that may be, taking into consideration how our lifestyle and environment impacts our physical well-being and vice versa. Knowledge and education are essential parts of the process, not only to help you understand the importance of each movement and how to execute them effectively within the program, but also to improve your body’s adaptation to exercise. Bree’s ultimate goal is to empower her clients and equip them with the skills to create their best lives. 



Deanna Scharpf

Deanna is one year into personal training, with a lifetime of practical experience. By obtaining the Toronto based SL Certification earlier on in 2019 she is now perfecting her practice for functional fitness. Her life growing up revolved around various sports, which then grew into a passion for running marathons and triathlons. After university sports dissolved, a new passion was found at the gym.

Through Deanna’s workout style you can expect something a bit different every time. Although consistency is key with certain movements there are many variations and techniques Deanna brings to the table to educate her clients to feel confident in the gym.

Deanna’s objective as a coach is to help her client’s grow into a life of balance. The goal for each session will be to push yourself further than the last time. We are working with foundational and functional moves that your body is meant to handle, all while improving form, weight and abilities. 







 Nutrition Expert

 Maddison Summer

 From cooking in the kitchen to creating customized meal plans, Maddison is fully hands-on and   knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition! Every time you eat it is an opportunity to fuel your body and   she believes this whole heartedly. As a nutritionist Maddison specializes in 1-1 consulting, working with   clients to fully understand their current eating and lifestyle habits and the changes needed to be made.   From there she constructs an individualized nutrition program that combines balance, flexibility and   simplicity. 


 Food should be nutritious but also delicious and as a self proclaimed (fit)foodie, she insures it's   reflected in her work. There are no quick fixes when it comes to nutrition and as a whole we believe   creating not only a healthy lifestyle but a positive relationship with food. This is the key to feeling healthy,   confident & strong! 


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