The Importance of a Morning Vibe Check



The Importance of a Morning Vibe Check

Kelsey Hergott |

I truly believe that the way you begin your day sets the tone for the way your day plays out. But I get that it can feel like a lot of pressure if you’re not sure what works best for you as soon as you wake up, which can ultimately result in putting off creating those habits and routines that will work. 


Social media is swirling with all sorts of different trends for morning routines, so how are you supposed to know what actually works, and what is just that – a trend? 


Well, speaking from experience, there are quite a few morning habits that just make sense, regardless of which platform they’re posted on. It can take a lot of trial and error to find out what ignites your spark when your alarm goes off, but I’m here to help give you a little test run of practices that work for me, in hopes they work for you too! 


Remember, your morning routine doesn’t have to focus on running out the door and getting 10,000 steps in right off the bat. A carefully designed routine is more so there to help give you the motivation, power, and encouragement you need to get things done – like those 10,000 steps. 

So let’s get right into it…


1. Give yourself at least 60 minutes to do what you want to do before you start your day. So many people wake up feeling rushed, flustered and overwhelmed before it even hits 9 AM, but moving through your mornings that way really isn’t doing anyone any favours. Instead, set aside the time to allow yourself to move more gracefully and with intention. Take your time drinking your morning coffee, take a longer shower, spend more time getting ready. Basically what I’m saying is leave time to do the things that will set you up for success!


2. Water before coffee. After a night’s sleep, your body wakes up feeling dehydrated and craving that H20. I know coffee can be the one thing you’re so looking forward to as soon as your alarm goes off, but do your body a favour and fuel it with water before you introduce it to caffeine. Your brain will feel clearer, your skin will look clearer, and your body will thank you for it almost instantly. 


3. Create space to incorporate movement, meditation or gratitude. Maybe even all three! Whether you start your day with a morning stretch, yoga session, meditation or listing out the things you’re grateful for, these practices will truly help to make you feel more grounded and prepared to get through your day feeling more mindful. 


4. Try to stay off your phone for the first hour of your morning. I know it can be so tempting to see what you might’ve missed over night or who’s blowing up your inbox already, but trust me, stay away for as long as you can allow yourself to. When you look at your phone as soon as you open your eyes, your mind is already instantly somewhere else. Dedicate your morning to yourself, the rest can follow afterwards. 


5. Review your daily schedule. When all is said and done in your morning routine, finish things off by reviewing what you have on the docket for the day. This might mean you create your daily to-dos the night before, or you list them out that morning so they’re fresh in your mind. Knowing what has to get done before you get back into bed that night can be the motivation you need to fuel your body in order to get it done. 


A morning routine can be an extremely personal thing, and hey, maybe these habits won’t work for you or your mindset. But they’re worth trying! At least you’ll find some inspiration to move towards the practices that will work for you and your lifestyle, meaning you’re that much closer to implementing a morning routine of your own!


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