Vacation: A Balancing Act You Can Master



Vacation: A Balancing Act You Can Master

Kelsey Hergott |

You guys know I’m all about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Whether that means getting your steps in on your way to dinner with the girls, or letting yourself order dessert because restrictions aren’t in my vocabulary, balance is key. 


In past posts we’ve talked about how to eat out healthily, how to enjoy your summer without feeling insecure, the art of balanced patio hopping, and more when it comes to staying on track while also living your life.


But guys, how could I not have written about keeping that balance while on vacation yet? It’s only my favourite pastime, and something I’ve become quite a master at. Ironically, so many people put added pressure onto themselves when vacation time rolls around. That pressure could look like overworking yourself in the gym for two weeks before you leave, restricting yourself when you’re out and about exploring a new town’s restaurant scene, or simply getting down on yourself for not sticking to the daily routine you’ve built at home. 


Well, take it from me: there is a way to enjoy vacation – pressure free – while also keeping the key components of your routine with you on the road. 


First of all, being able to travel and explore the world around us is a privilege. Enjoy it! Remind yourself that you’re lucky and grateful to be able to get out there and see some beautiful sights, no matter where you are. If the past three years have taught us anything, that’s definitely up there. 


Now let’s dive into my tried and true tips (that’s right, this is how I maintain balance while I’m away from my homebase) when travelling so the next time you’re sitting at the airport, you’re enjoying a glass at the bar instead of spiralling about how you’ll get your movement in for the next week. 


  • Walking comes naturally when you’re in a new city. It’s likely that you’ll even walk more when you’re away than you would when you’re at home! Anywhere from 10k to 15k a day is sure to pop up on your step counter, if not more. This is your chance to explore every alleyway, hilltop, and curve in the road, so lace up your comfiest sneakers and make your movement an adventure everyday of your vacation. 

  • On the topic of movement, you don’t need to track down the nearest gym in order to feel like you’ve really done some good lifting while you’re away. In fact, your body weight can be just as impactful as lifting actual weights. This is exactly why I’ve kept the July Summer Challenge going strong into August so you can continue to get those little bite-sized movements in no matter where you are. In as little as 5-10 minutes you can get more done and feel more accomplished than you would’ve otherwise. And when you’re away, as long as you can find time for these short and simple Challenge videos, you can consider your movement done for the day!

  • One of my favourite things to do while I’m away is explore new and delicious bars and restaurants. It’s an incredible way to see the culture from a different side, treat your tastebuds, and bring some more variety to your palate. This is why I absolutely indulge, but balance that out whenever I can. So if you remember from a previous post, try to work your way through the menu with mindfulness. Include greens, proteins, avoid the heavy apps, but if there’s something you really want to try – try it! You’ve travelled too far to say no to something new and exciting, right? Keeping up that balancing act when it comes to indulging will make the transition back home much easier on both you and your body. 


It’s that easy, guys! Vacation isn’t meant to be this daunting task where you start to fall off the deep end wondering how you’ll stick with your routine and habits. Your routine and habits are called that for a reason – they’re not going anywhere! All it takes is a little mindfulness and you’ll see that you can easily integrate any type of movement and balance into your next getaway. So book that flight, find the perfect AirBnb, and pack your bags – you’re ready to perfect your balancing act!


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