The Power of Powering Down



The Power of Powering Down

Kelsey Hergott |



One of the most common questions I’m asked is how to listen to your body. The concept is so popular in the wellness community, yet it seems like very few people actually know how to actually do it! Because let’s face it, between holding down a 9-5, cooking meals, cleaning, sticking to a regular workout routine, and trying to keep a social circle, life can quickly become a lot to say the least. 


That’s why it’s so important to know the signs your body gives you when it’s time to slow down. And when I say this, I mean more than a yawn signaling a cat nap. So let’s take a closer look at the three questions you should ask yourself when it comes time to do a wellness check! 


When answering them, remember to be honest, realistic and kind with yourself. 


1. How do I feel? 

How do you really feel? It’s so easy to just quickly tap into your current state and assume all is well. So instead of rushing through your feelings or brushing them off, recognize them. 


Are you maybe a bit more irritable? More tired than usual? Craving more sugar? Dehydrated? Take a step back and really focus on tuning into your body and what it’s telling you. It’s the least you can do for the vessel that gets you through life, right? Try practicing a mindful moment where you escape all distractions. Now ask yourself, “Am I feeling like my true self?”. Take some deep breaths from down in your belly and think about what your ideal feeling would be: relaxed? Balanced? Calm? Happier?


Now let’s see how to move forward from whatever revelation you make here…


2. What do I need? 

Life quickly turns into a routine, and whether you like it or not doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. So instead of allowing yourself to get burnt out because of your day to day schedule, ask yourself what you need in order to give yourself a break and step out of the everyday regimen that’s got you feeling off. 


Here is where you want to think about what you actually need. Really dial in on what it is that makes you feel most at peace. When your body is in overdrive, you have to think about what will bring you back down to a calm, centred feeling. It’s different for everyone, so don’t feel obligated to do whatever wellness trend you see on TikTok or Instagram, just take the time to think about what you could give yourself in order to feel like yourself again. 


3. How can I give myself that?

So often we put ourselves and our needs on the back burner because everybody else comes first. There’s a certain type of connotation that comes with being selfish and focusing on self-care, isn’t there?


But listen, you’re not a superhero and you can’t do it all. That’s even more so true when you’re burnt out. Who can you help when you’re not operating at your best self? 


So whatever need you nailed down from question 2, understand that you deserve it, and give yourself permission to give yourself what you actually need. Is it more alone time? Is it more quiet hours in the day? Is it more care around your diet? Is it more social time? Whatever it may be, pinpoint what’s bogging you down and work towards incorporating less of that and more of what serves you. 


At the end of the day, your body knows what it needs… You just have to be willing to listen to it. 




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