Patio Hopping with Your Health In Mind



Patio Hopping with Your Health In Mind

Kelsey Hergott |

I’m trying to contain my excitement here… But ladies and gentlemen, it’s here! Finally we can step out into the world and set up camp on a patio under a shining sun, surrounded by music, friends, and good vibes that last all day. I can’t help but feel a boost in my mood when dining al fresco becomes a thing again. After all, we wait all winter for this moment – we deserve it!

When social calendars start to build up with the sunny seasons, I get more and more questions about how to dine out while keeping yourself and health in mind. Which is totally fair, given the hidden healthy menu items a lot of restaurants can try and trick you with. Sorry, Diet Pepsi, looking at you here.


So I want to share some of my best tips to prepare you for the next time you’re out and about and feeling overwhelmed with which choice is the best choice. Because from one patio butterfly to another, there is a method to the madness!


  • Keep your eyes on the greens

    • If you’re ordering a main that might be a little more carb heavy (which is totally ok!), consider balancing it out with a veggie side. Something like a garden salad, grilled veg, or even a light soup. This will still leave you full, but not more full than you need to be


  • One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…

    • Ok just one tequila is usually good enough for me, but let me tell you why it’s my go-to bevvy! Tequila is the only upper alcohol, so first and foremost it doesn’t leave me dwelling in my shameover the next day. It’s also made of natural sugars, rather than being packed of the type of sugars that bring on those banging headaches. Try a “skinny margarita” the next time you’re out! Trust me. 


  • Water is your bestie

    • Whether you’re consuming some cocktails that day or not, ensure you’re mixing in plenty of water throughout your meal. Have the waitress on standby whenever your glass goes empty, seriously. Because sometimes when you think you’re starving and ready to maul the entire menu, you’re really just dehydrated and your body is craving some of that glorious H20!


  • Be a grilled girl

    • Rather than opting for the crispy or fried version of certain menu items, opt for grilled! This spares you the added heaviness of breading and greasiness of the deep fryer. Plus, it’s typically better tasting and fresher! 


  • Get your lurk on

    • Be one of those people who looks up the menu and restaurant’s Instagram account before you go out! This will help to prepare you and give you a better idea of what to expect so you’re not making decisions based on your immediate hunger levels or pressure. It can sometimes be much more relaxing when you go into a restaurant already knowing exactly what you’ll be ordering, try it out!


  • Appetizers: friend or foe?

    • A lot of appetizers can be delish and perfect for your palette – looking at you, shishito peppers. But others are simply there to fill you and your bill up. If you’re an appy gal like myself, be sure to choose ones that are lighter, greener, and won’t keep you from consuming a real meal afterwards. 


  • Limits yourself

    • As exciting as it can be to make your break back into patio season, you might want to check-in with yourself and pull in the reins every now and then. Not only for the sake of your bank account, but also your wellbeing and mental health. Sometimes you just need to say “no” and take it easy for a night. And that’s ok!


Feeling more prepared for the patio now? Remember, you’re still entitled to enjoying yourself. That’s what life is all about! Finding ways to enjoy yourself that also benefit your overall health and wellbeing is key. So grab yourself a skinny marg and enjoy! 



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