Spring Cleaning: What else you should be tidying this time of year



Spring Cleaning: What else you should be tidying this time of year

Kelsey Hergott |

Each new season brings a feeling of refreshed renewal, but especially Spring. 


Everyone starts to come out of hibernation; the neighbour you didn’t know you had, your cute shoes that were stuck at the back of your closet, even the bears who were lucky enough to just check out for four months of the year. And if your house was anything like mine growing up, it definitely marks the beginning of the (somewhat dreaded) Spring cleaning. As soon as you saw the mop and bucket that were older than you come out, you knew it was time to get down to business. 


Now that I am a full fledged adult and keep things relatively tidy on a daily basis, when Spring cleaning does roll around, it gets me thinking, what else could use a refresher in my life? Because there’s certainly more aspects that could stand to see the same attention my floors are getting this time of year. 


So let’s break this down into a few relatable categories and see where else we can welcome that sense of renewal and breathe in the freshness of Spring!



I know, I know. Banking, finances, taxes, and being money responsible in general can be such a daunting task. It can make you feel like you know nothing and everything at the same time, and for a lot of people, that’s enough to turn them off from it entirely. But listen, we’re grown now. We need to stand in our own and get our cash in order! 


Whether that means adjusting your automatic deposit amounts, upping your RRSP investments, or exploring new stock options, Spring is the perfect excuse to give your accounts a little more attention. Also, take this as your reminder to actually review your credit card statement each month. Because as much as you wish you could claim that excessive charge from Baro as fraud, there might be another fraudulent charge on there you’re missing!



On the topic of reviewing your credit card statements, be on the lookout for those sneaky subscriptions you might have completely forgotten about. How many times have you registered for a trial, only to forget to cancel it and end up getting charged the entire monthly amount – sometimes for months on end without noticing!


Those charges can be a nightmare to reverse, if at all. So be sure you’re taking an inventory of where your monthly payments are going. 


Aside from that, ask yourself if you really need every single subscription you’re paying for. Does one maybe cancel out the other? Or maybe you’ve outgrown one and haven’t used it in months? Check to see if the company offers a “pause” option! You can always re-subscribe if you’re missing it down the road. 


Social Calendar

Along with Spring comes the nice weather, and with the nice weather comes the end of hibernation. Remember that neighbor who magically emerged once the snow melted? Don’t be surprised if you receive an invite to something, somewhere, with them. Because Spring means the outpouring of invites to social events start to roll out. Which is great! …Until it’s not. 


The last thing you want to do is overexert yourself and commit to one too many engagements, putting yourself down and out for more than you’d like. So pay attention to what you’re saying “yes” to. Ask yourself if you genuinely want to be there, or if you just have a severe case of FOMO. (Psst… It’s typically the latter).


Set aside certain days where you’ll go out and socialize, and set aside certain days where you’ll have a more quiet night in. Time with yourself is just as important as time with others – if not more. So as excited as you might be to get back out there in the world and breathe that fresh Spring air, take it in doses! Your body and mind will thank you. 



Sometimes a new season can offer a time of self-reflection. Spring cleaning your mind is the perfect way to take stock of which beliefs and habits are serving you, and which would be more useful in the metaphorical trash. 


It’s safe to say that those darker, colder seasons can have a negative impact on your mind. You can become more pessimistic, more closed off, more susceptible to taking on other people's opinions rather than forming your own. So now is the perfect time to become more in tune with yourself and your innermost thoughts. With this weight off your shoulders, you’re bound to feel much more like a refreshed version of yourself.


Once you choose to stand up for and believe in the things that most resonate with who you want to be out in the world, your mindset will serve you in return.




You get the idea by now, right? There are so many more areas of your life that could use the same attention you give your closet cleanout. Focus on bettering the environment around you, and get ready to embrace that refreshed and renewed Spring version of you!


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