How to generate health, wealth, and prosperity for yourself this year



How to generate health, wealth, and prosperity for yourself this year

Kelsey Hergott |

Create your Own Luck!

You know those types of people who just seem to radiate good fortune? It’s like everything that comes their way is purely based on luck; everything they touch turns to gold. It’s enough to make you want to say, “Hey, leave a little for the rest of us!” But what if it’s not a so-called “lack of luck” that’s holding you back from success and turning everything you touch into gold…


What if there are some practical, pretty simple tweaks you can make in order to change the game for you so you can start going by Lady Luck? Well, because I know we could all use a little luck now and then, I did a little digging. And what I discovered was that there are actually various proven methods you can use in order to bring some good fortune into your life and help you claim the wins you’ve been working towards. 


Check these out and promise me you’ll try to implement at least one this month!


1.) Stop waiting

If you’re guilty of waiting around for something to happen, maybe it’s time to switch things up. Sure, “good things come to those who wait” can be fitting in some situations, but in others… You gotta go for it, girl. Go out there and make it happen. Do your research, create a plan, and make. It. Happen. It can be that easy!


2.) Make the first move

Be bold! If you don’t take the steps to get to where you want to go, you’re never going to get there. It’s like wanting to win a race without even crossing the starting line. Sitting around and spending day in and day out working on a plan isn’t going to get you anywhere unless you follow through. Take risks, take action. As a great Canadian athlete once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


3.) Focus

Sometimes when you’re trying to achieve a goal, your mind races in all of the different directions you think you need to follow in order to accomplish that one thing. Or maybe you have multiple goals you’re striving for this year, causing you to feel a little overwhelmed. Burying your brain in endless tasks and knowledge can do more harm than good when it comes to the outcome. So the point here is to focus on one thing at a time, tick the boxes, and watch your gradual progress amount to much more than ever before. 


4.) Make connections

Put yourself out there! So often people fall into amazing circumstances just because they met the right person at the right time. By attending that social event or messaging that person on LinkedIn, you’re well on your way to creating your own luck. You never know what one introduction, one conversation, one interaction can lead to. By building your network, you’re building your chances at success. 


5.) Stop fearing failure

Fear can be such a tricky emotion. Sometimes it sparks a light in you because something is genuinely terrifying (yes spiders, I’m looking at you), other times it’s simply playing mind games with you. For so many, fear can be the number one thing that holds them back from achieving. Whether you’re fearful of stepping out of your comfort zone, of what people will say about you, of what people will think, the list goes on… And to be honest… It starts to look like a list of excuses rather than a list of real fears. Challenge yourself to recognize which fears are holding you back, and then create a game plan to overcome them. Leave living in fear in the past and become more open to the opportunities that are designed to serve you. (In other words, luck!)


6.) You are who you surround yourself with

So maybe luck really can rub off on you, especially when you’re hanging around the right people. Make a list of the people who inspire you most, who have achieved what you dream of achieving, who have a list of accomplishments you admire, and start to connect with them in whichever way you can. If it’s an author, read their books. If it’s a speaker, listen to their podcasts or talks. Surrounding yourself with the people you most want to model yourself after will bring plenty of positivity your way. 


Ok, so I can’t give you tonight’s winning lottery numbers, but I can shed some light on some of the simple things you can start doing to create your own luck. Like most things in life, it won’t come easy, and it will require some work, but how good will it feel to finally turn everything you touch into gold? 


It’s the people who work the hardest that make it look the easiest.


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