The Key to Planning: Start Small, Win Big



The Key to Planning: Start Small, Win Big

Kelsey Hergott |

If you’re a planner, after yet another year of unpredictability, you might be feeling more than a little discouraged. It’s funny, it’s often said that whenever you make plans, God laughs. 


Because no matter how much time and effort you put into crafting out the picture perfect scenario, there’s one thing you lack: control. Unfortunately, for those who thrive on creating and abiding by plans, when all control is lost and every plan is thrown out the window, you can’t help but feel like, well, a failure. 


How can a practice that makes you feel so satisfied and accomplished when properly executed, also make you feel powerless when it’s not? 


I think it’s because we put too much pressure on the whole concept of planning in general. Especially when it comes time for the “New year, new me!” mantra to roll around again. All of the sudden we magically set out to be the ultimate version of ourselves and know exactly how the next 365 days will pan out in order to make it happen. 


Well, there’s optimism and there’s realism. 


Being overly optimistic with your plans for the future can leave you feeling empty if things don’t go as anticipated. Being realistic about your plans can leave you feeling like there’s always another way and another day to make things happen. 


Are you with me so far? 


So why not go into 2022 with a little less pressure on yourself, and a little more grace. 


Start small. Commit to making little changes that in turn will amount to massive results by the end of the year. 


Life is too unpredictable to prepare, so use that in your favour! Rather than setting these big, audacious goals that can backfire and go astray, avoid setting yourself up for failure and make incremental moves. 

Here are some helpful prompts you can use throughout the year to check things off your list, ensure go according to plan, and prevent you from feeling like a lost puppy:


1.) One new habit I’m going to start

2.) One “thing” I’m going to create 

3.) One book I’m going to read

4.) One podcast I’m going to listen to 

5.) One new exercise I’m going to try

6.) One risk I’m going to take

7.) One expense I’m going to cut out

8.) One new skill I’m going to learn

9.) One healthy food I’m going to try

10.) One way I’m going to level up my income

11.) One thing I will no longer tolerate

12.) One way I’m going to prioritize myself


You see, each of these items can help you work out your plan and work towards your big end goal. 


By the end of these next 12 months, you’ll be surprised by how much you accomplished with not so much as a master plan to turn to. Sometimes, it’s the smaller wins that can really make you feel like you’ve won. 

Happy New Year! Let’s plan on valuing, focusing on, and elevating you this year.


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