How to keep hydrated this summer so you H2-GLOW!



How to keep hydrated this summer so you H2-GLOW!

Kelsey Hergott |

Our bodies are made up of nearly 70% water, so naturally it’s important to maintain a certain level of hydration. 


Getting in your 10-11 cups of H20 each day is one of the best ways to flush your body of its toxins, keep you feeling energized, reduce hangovers, improve your physical performance, aid in weight loss, keep your skin glowing, and the list just goes on…


So the next time you see an ad for one of those Khloe Kardashian-esque obnoxious water bottles, you might want to consider adding it to your cart and reaping the benefits of living a highly hydrated life. 


Water bottle the size of your head aside, here are some of the other ways you can get your daily water intake in to help promote wellness in all areas of your life:


  • If you’re more on the forgetful side and it’s 5:00 PM before you notice you haven’t had a single sip of water all day, set yourself reminders! Use your phone for more than a distraction from your work emails and set alarms throughout your day to remind you it’s time to take a trip to the water cooler. 

  • Maybe 10 cups of water seems like a lot to you, and that’s fair. So why not try to get your hydration intake through foods like celery and cucumbers? These veggies are composed of nearly 95% water themselves, so it’s a great way to get a tastier water alternative throughout your day. 

  • If you find water boring and tasteless, you’re not alone. So get your taste buds dancing by adding in some slices of cucumber to your glass of water! Cucumbers contain a range of vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients that help to keep bones, skin, and muscles healthy. 

  • Bring your water with you (again with the massive water bottle). This really is the easiest way to make sure you’re drinking as much water as you should be. When you have your own water bottle in tow, you have a physical reminder that leaves you no excuses around staying hydrated. 


As we go into the sunny summer months, these little tips should help you get your H2GLOW on! 


And like anything in life, once you get into the habit of drinking your daily intake of water, you’ll wonder how you ever lived any other way


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