How to Keep Your Sanity On Social



How to Keep Your Sanity On Social

Kelsey Hergott |

Be honest, how many hours a day do you spend mindlessly scrolling through some type of social media? Learning the new TikTok dance (“learning” is a loose term here), browsing DeuxMoi for any celeb sightings near you, taking in how cool 15 year olds look today in comparison to what 15 year old you looked like (truly triggering)... The list goes on and one question remains: is it really so “mindless”? 


This month I want to challenge you to take an inventory of your influences. Tap on your “Following” list and tap into your inner-self to think about how these accounts really make you feel. Do they bring you joy? Laughter? Education? Thoughtful insights? Motivation? Or do they just make you feel badly about yourself; like you’re missing out on something and rubbing it in your face. 


This is why that mindless scrolling might not be so mindless after all. 


With 4.2 billion people around the world actively using social media, 500 million of those visit Instagram’s platform daily for an average of nearly 3 hours.


When you’re spending such a huge chunk of your day on Instagram (or any social media platform for that matter), you want to ensure the content you’re absorbing isn’t toxic for your wellbeing. Especially with the rise of “professionals” around every digital corner, it’s never been more important to do your own research and ensure you’re following valid experts in their own fields (even if it is a skincare guru who works at Sephora!). 


We’ve never lived in a world that’s been so surrounded by false idealisms and opportunities for negative comparison. It’s tough to feel comfortable in your own skin when the “skin” you’re surrounded by for 3 hours a day is flawlessly filtered to perfection.


With your wellness always at the top of mind, here are some ways you can work to keep your sanity on social:


  • Take an inventory of your influences -- Are you happy and inspired when you see their posts come up on your feed? Or are you stuck in a comparison cycle, feeling less than? Try testing out Instagram’s function that allows you to see who you interact with the least from your “Following” list so you can filter through and leave them behind (sorry, not sorry!)


  • Set specific screen times -- If you’re an iPhone user, you can set specific screen time limits so you’re alerted once you’ve used up your allotted time for the day. This can help to ensure you don’t get lost in a dark hole online, and rather get outside and get some fresh air!


  • Check your sources -- Spreading fake news is up there as one of the worst offenses in 2021 social media use (especially when you’re the President). In a time where everyone has access to outlets where they can pretend to be experts on something they’re not, you have got to be vigilant in checking your facts before you set your beliefs


  • Detox -- Sometimes we all just need a break. Whether it’s for a day, a week, a month, or you rid yourself of the app completely, it never hurts to detox from a sometimes toxic platform. When/if you come back, you’ll have a clean slate to scroll through -- a little more mindfully this time around


Sometimes we all need a reminder to not be so hard on ourselves, don’t we? And if you’re not getting that reminder from your daily influences, I hope you take the time to analyze who is and who isn’t supporting you on your journey towards self-love and satisfaction. 


You’ll be thankful you did.  



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