How to Reset your Motivation



How to Reset your Motivation

Kelsey Hergott |

March is that cold, grey, awkward in-between winter and spring month that makes us want to hibernate on the couch until spring has sprung with the Uber Eats delivery guy as our main source of human contact. It’s a very easy time to break healthy routines and slump back into less positive, less productive and less happy versions of ourselves.


You are different than when you started your journey, even if you don’t feel like it. Breaks are great, healthy and necessary but you don’t want to throw away all the progress you’ve made or find yourself having to re-commit a healthy lifestyle. That comes with a highly negative impact on your energy and mind. Since the last thing you want to do is get into a do-nothing slump, it’s important to reset your motivation and stay on track to success.


Remind yourself why you started to seek change:

One of the best ways to reset your motivation and your commitment to being the best version of yourself is to remind yourself why you sought growth and change to begin with and why you want to live this elevated lifestyle full of intention, goals and improvement. Spoiler alert: it’s probably because you were unhappy with your life, your mind or your physical-self back then. Think about it. Imagine that person in the workout class you love. Would she internally complain about it the entire time instead of challenging herself? Those minor things are the difference between new you and old you. Focus on all the changes you’ve made and challenges you’ve overcome. Remind yourself that you’re never going back there.


Create a intentional morning routine:

If you start the day at 12pm with a hangover and a McDonald’s breakfast, you’re unlikely to end it with a workout and a balanced meal after completing fulfilling tasks all day. Starting the day off well helps you live out the day well. This means waking up at a time that allows you to do more than brush your teeth, fix yourself up, grab a coffee and get on your Zoom meeting. You want to set up an intentional day that keeps you on your journey towards your goals and ambitions. It automatically removes all the clutter from your day and helps you focus on what’s necessary and important.

Dealing with constant stressful situations disallows you from staying motivated.

Give yourself the time to think about your interactions, think about what you bring to the table, what you’re going to achieve and what you want to communicate to create positive outcomes. You want to set yourself up to control the environment, too many decisions or always having to be doing things on the fly exhausts the brain.


Write down and visualize your goals:

Thinking about all the possibilities of your life and picking the path that’s right for you, helps you reset your motivation to make those possibilities a reality. It’s important to build a roadmap for yourself that defines who you are, what you want and how you’re going to get it. Once you start to see your goals being achieved and your visions becoming reality, you'll be much more motivated to stay on course.


Reward yourself for your efforts:

We might not enjoy them, but we tend to complete and stick with activities that reward us. For example, tons of people hate their jobs, bosses and even their  profession. However, the reward of a paycheck keeps them in the cycle. The reward incentive can be used to our advantage in positive situations as well by creating positive associations using classical conditioning. If you complete a workout class, reward yourself with something you like, say an iced coffee, afterwards. This creates a change in your brain where your brain makes the association between say a workout and ice coffee. With time, the brain begins to think both things are great, even if it normally doesn’t think all that much of a workout class.


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