How to Make your Condo into a Functional Workout Space



How to Make your Condo into a Functional Workout Space

Kelsey Hergott |

If your condo gym isn’t reopening anytime soon or you don’t feel comfortable sharing a sweaty public space yet, no sweat. If you have a basement, spare room or big backyard, you have lots of options to work out at home. However, if you’re a condo person, there are lots of easy and affordable ways to turn even a small space into a working “gym” with the capacities to change and challenge your body without even putting shoes on!


Here are some ways to create a working home gym. 


Pick and clear a space to be the “gym”: 

If you’re really optimizing every foot of your living space, even the hall will work. Toronto condos are small, even if you’re really rich. During peak lockdown, even some of the Toronto Raptors Instagrammed how they turned their balconies into workout spaces. 


Regardless of where you decided to create your space, all you really need is enough room to raise your arms, and maybe skip rope, if your ceilings heights allow for it. 


Stock the gym: 

You can create an amazing workout space without spending tons of money on it. You definitely don’t need expensive equipment like a big treadmill taking over your living room to have an effective workout. Aim for at least 1 pair of weights + a booty band and your set! 


I have put together a list of other recommended products that can be found at a dollar or budget friendly store:

  • Resistance bands 

  • Yoga mat 

  • Floor gliders 

  • Jump rope 


There are a few other things you might want to invest in if you’re going to be taking at-home fitness seriously over the next couple months.  


The above items can also be found on Amazon, Walmart, Facebook Marketplace or even second hand stores. However, you’re willing to invest, adjustable weights really allow you to challenge your muscles because you have access to a variety of weights. 


Additional but not required: 

  • A Kettle Bell.

  • Free weights: Ideally one heavy set for legs + back and one lighter set for arms + shoulders). 

  • Medicine ball  

  • Exercise ball (can also be used as a desk seat for balance and stability) 

  • Ankle weights (my favorite are the Bala and you can also find them at Indigo and other random retailers in the city)


Utilize the furniture:

Some people get very extreme about this option, using the sofa with someone seated on it for leg presses and such. However, you can also use your couch for more challenging leg raises, decline pushups, Feet-elevated glute bridges, Double- and single-leg hip thrusts, and tricep dips.  



Live in a highrise? The stairs are a perfect workout, especially for HIIT lovers. PRO TIP: while running up the stairs is great for the glutes and quads, you can target your hamstrings by running down them. 


Pick a program: 

An online subscription service can help keep workouts fun and make sure you have some variation to always keep challenging the body and the mind from getting bored. There are tons of options from yoga and pilates specific to HIIT and strength training. I have recently launched #SweatwithKelsey, a video on demand platform of workouts, and every membership includes unlimited access to the workout library ranging from mobility to strength workouts plus much more! You can try it here for free.


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