How to Feel Your Best Post-Quarantine



How to Feel Your Best Post-Quarantine

Kelsey Hergott |

Quarantine was tough for all of us. Common feelings many of us experienced and continue to experience include lack of control, stress, loneliness, anxiety, lethargy and many many more complex emotions. In fact, 55% of respondents in a survey by the Benenson Strategy Group say COVID-19 has affected their mental health. So, if you’re not feeling your best, you definitely aren’t alone. 


But on the positive side, we’ve weathered the storm and we’re through the worst of it. WE MADE IT!...Almost. Now a lot of our quarantine problems like “maskne” are within our power to fix and control. Though it might not feel like it, there are many simple ways to get back to your pre-COVID mind and body! 


Here are some simple ways to be your best coming out of quarantine


Return to the gym and embrace the new way of delivering fitness -- online! 

I know, I know. Obvious. But, definitely important. 

Gyms are in the process of opening and they’re a HUGE part of feeling better again. 

One blessing in disguise is that gyms are now requiring bookings to allow for physical distancing. It will help everyone stay accountable to their goals because you literally have to go when you say you are going to go. With that said, capacity will be reduced at studios and gyms alike. We all know how busy places like Spinco and Goodlife can get. With fewer patrons allowed in at once, these places won’t be as accessible as they were before. A gym reservation is likely going to be the hardest one in town to get! 

If you haven’t tried an online class offered by fitness instructors or your favorite studio yet, they are very beneficial to getting and staying on track. Lots of people experience great success and I’ve been so inspired by the love and the benefits, I’m working on releasing my own library of workouts coming in the fall. 


Put your mental health first 

It can also feel a little scary going back to your regular routine. Which can be confusing because for the first few weeks of March a lot of us anticipated that the end of quarantine would be the party of the decade, that we would never cancel plans again and appreciate every single social interaction more. However, for many of us, although we want to return to the office, finally have a real professional deal with our brows, and even miss doing the things we used to hate, we need to address the uncomfortables that come with it. 

BounceBack is just one of many resources available that can help with this transition. It was once offered by some employers as an employee benefit but is now covered under OHIP as Ontario begins to recognize the importance of mental health for Canadians. Participants receive telephone coaching, skill-building workbooks and online videos to help them overcome mental health COVID-19 symptoms and provide the boost to bounce back. Best of all, it’s a service many people across the world pay thousands for but it’s available to you for free if you have OHIP. You can also self-refer so long as you have a primary health care provider. 


Get dressed everyday 

Another one that seems really simple but it’s super impactful for feeling your best. And, it’s easy and free. There’s no need to be business casual or anything like that but waking up, showering, doing your hair and getting dressed will make you feel so much more confident and put together and set the tone for a day of success, though, “off  days” are absolutely fine if you need them! 


Bonus: when you’re wearing jeans and you’re regular pants, weight can’t creep up on you the way it can with stretchy materials or sweats, which can easily accommodate an extra 10 or so pounds without issue. 


Manage online time 

Your smartphone and laptop are now the main sources of accessing the outside world and as a result, our screen time is higher than ever before. We have spent months using a screen to not only work but socialize, shop, workout and entertain ourselves. While necessary, it’s extremely unhealthy and we all need to utilize any opportunity to move away from this dependency when possible. 

Discover a great book, take a bike ride, get out of the city, get some fresh air, foster a pet, anything that makes you put down your cell is a wonderful option! 


Don’t worry about the quarantine 15 or the COVID-20 

Worrying about weight gain during gym and park closures was a big stress for many people because of the limited opportunities for activity. However, your mind is the most important thing right now. 50% of women gained weight during quarantine, mostly due to stress eating and increase in alcohol consumption. But, stressing over something that is correctable and within your power to change is NEVER in your best interest. So long as you keep your mental health strong, you’re in the perfect place to bounce back. 



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