Top Toronto Outdoor Workout Spots



Top Toronto Outdoor Workout Spots

Kelsey Hergott |

With gyms, fitness centres and studios still closed due to COVID-19, being able to take our fitness outside and enjoy the beautiful weather has, for many of us, been a key outlet for maintaining good mental health and also our sole means of taking part in physical activities. However, in a congested city like Toronto, where many of us don’t have outdoor spaces, it can feel like there are very few places to get a good workout in. As a result, I’ve noticed a huge increase in people running on busy main streets. I’ve also noticed they have to go about their workouts dealing with challenges like having to stop at stop lights and signs, dodge pedestrians, and now avoid patios and lineups that spill onto the sidewalk, all while trying to practice physical distancing.


There are so many great places in Toronto to workout that don’t involve pavement on a hectic street. Some of them even offer a little privacy (hip bridges in a busy park can be a little awkward, am I right?) or can even add new elements and challenges to your workout.


See below for 8 of my favorite places to workout around the city!


Canoe Landing Park

This centrally located park has everything, but depending on the time of day it can be busy (recommended early mornings or mid-afternoons). The artificial soccer turf is a great place for a bootcamp or a HIIT workout. It also has the benefit of being cleaner than regular grass so you won’t have to scrub grass stains and dirt off your Lululemons afterwards. Stay tuned on IG for bootcamp pop-ups this summer!


Garrison Crossing/Commons

The big open field is mostly used as an off-leash dog park but there’s lots of green space for you and the doggies. It’s a great place to warm-up or do your body weight exercises before hitting the trails. The newly built bridge is also a scenic place to watch the sunset while getting in your late night workout!



Lakeshore has quickly become the most popular place in the city over the last couple months. It’s a great place to walk, run, bike, even rent a canoe or kayak for a couple hours. The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail is pretty overcrowded in the central part of the city but it clears out the further you go east or west. Ontario Place is right off the main path and it also tends to be less busy. Trillium Park is also a beautiful new area right beside Ontario Place with many (instagrammable) spots to workout or run with friends!


Sunnybrook Park

For those of you on the east side of Toronto, Sunnybrook Park is an absolutely beautiful place to workout with lots of trails and space. Some of the terrain can even give you a little bit of a challenge on a hike. The park also has a staircase that feels like it never ends and it leads to a large field that offers lots of privacy for those who like to workout in peace and quiet.


Exhibition Place

Exhibition is a concrete jungle but with no Medieval Times, concerts, CNE, trade shows or soccer matches, the space is now relatively empty and HUGE! If you like sprinting, skipping rope or lots of space for walking lunges, you’ll love it. You’ll also notice people use the well-maintained pavement as a safe place to learn new activities like skateboarding and rollerblading. Bonus: while you can’t run the bleachers, BMO Field has a very good staircase outside the stadium to work those legs with. 


Casa Loma

Casa Loma is currently still closed but the stairs and the small park allow for a great workout, especially for Annex residents. The expanded landings are great for step-ups and other elevated exercises.


King's Mill Park/Humber Marshes

If you don’t mind off-leash dogs coming up to say hello (there’s tons), King’s Mill Park and the Humber Marches are a little west of High Park (but still near a subway station) and way less crowded, allowing for a more private and peaceful workout.


Downsview Arena

Across from Sheppard West subway station is Downsview Park. It’s home to every single type of physical activity you can think of when open. However, even while it’s closed, it’s still a great workout spot due to the hidden track behind Downsview Arena for athletes or anyone looking to get in a track and field style workout!


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