The Art of Goal Setting



The Art of Goal Setting

Kelsey Hergott |

The art and science of goal setting and achieving.  


Goals should always be a centre focus of your life but right now is the time of year where goals are really in the spotlight in the form of New Year’s resolutions, which is a pretty doomed type of goal strategy. 


New Year's resolutions often fail because we throw out or lose focus of our end goals. Goals related to fitness, health and physical appearance improvement are pretty much on everybody’s list. As a result, we throw ourselves into workout routines with the goal of proving to ourselves that “we got this, this is the year I make the change. This time is the time it’s going to work.” 


Fast forward a month when we don’t see the progress we envisioned. We get pretty discouraged that we aren’t where we want to be. This leads to a path where we start to skip workouts, forgo packing lunches and eventually give up all our healthy changes and digress to our old comfortable ways. 


In reality, most people need about five weeks of a 500 calorie a day deficit to lose five pounds and about a month of serious gym work to gain a couple pounds of muscle. So if your end goal is to lose 15 pounds, you’re not even a third of your way there at the one month mark. 


You have to be strategic.  


Success is a ladder and you have to climb every step. You can’t jump to the top without falling. Enjoying or at least appreciating the process is fundamental to triumph. Breaking your end goal into process goals or steps, allows you to recognize and celebrate how far you’ve come from who you were or what you looked like on day one. You’ll be able to experience the highs of wins, it creates a mindset of accomplishment and success while also helping keep our tanks full, which enforces consistency. You’re very unlikely to quit while you’re ahead, it goes against human physiology. That’s why the house always wins and gamblers always lose at casinos. If gamblers just lost and lost, they’d give up and go home. It’s the occasional wins that keeps them going. That’s also how we get to week ten, week fifteen and the week we finally hit the end goal. In other words, you’re more likely to exceed by focusing on losing five pounds three times than you are by just focusing on losing 15 pounds. 


Hitting Process Goals 


Process goals are all about behaviour changes and consistency. It takes 21 days to create a habit but you also need to consider the maintenance factor. You need to create a plan you can stick with long-term. One that you enjoy and that your lifestyle can accommodate. Swimming might be your favorite workout but in downtown Toronto is hauling yourself to a gym with a super chlorinated hair health murdering pool on the TTC and walking out with wet hair in the freezing cold really something you can commit to doing three times a week? If not, maybe try out some new activities close to your work or home to find something that’s both enjoyable and maintainable. 


Many people find working out with others to be much more enjoyable than solo activities. One study found that 95% of people who started a weight loss program with a friend completed the program. Comparably, only 8% of people hit their New Year’s resolution goals. 


Group and person training are found to carry an abundance of interweaved benefits that amplify consistency, duration, motivation and inspiration. People hold planks longer, cancel less and are more likely to keep the weight off when they submit to the formal of success that group and personal training have mastered.


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