Tips to Increase Productivity



3 Tips to Increase Productivity

Kelsey Hergott |

Working for yourself can definitely have its ups and downs. It’s not always as “fun” as it may appear to be and what’s often looked over are the many hours spent working on projects before they come into fruition. My favorite workspace happens to be my home however, nothing is more distracting than a workspace that isn’t tidy. Cue Adèle House Cleaning.


Messiness can be a vicious cycle, one that may start with physical clutter but always ends in mental clutter. In order to remove that chaos, it’s important to keep your home environment clean & clutter-free. Because I am constantly on-the-go, it can be difficult to keep my space super clean - even though I’d like to it remain that way. After all, I am a perfectionist Virgo and unfortunately I’m just not that into domestic duties. 


In the past I have tried out a few different services but more recently I’ve come across Adèle House Cleaning and every experience has been fantastic! They use eco-friendly products (something that is important to me) and offer services on nights and weekends which truly cater to my busy schedule. They are very reliable, thorough with their cleanings and I know I’ll come home to my place satisfied with the service which hasn’t always been the case with other providers. 


Once you see the benefits of a clean space, there will be no going back! Not only will you feel more in control of your life, but you will feel more relaxed when you rest. Most people even think more clearly when focusing at work. A clean & organized surrounding always makes me happier.


Take a look below at 3 tips to maintaining a clean space which can help you become so much more productive in all aspects of your life. 

Tip #1: Preserve a Clean Home

As soon as your home is in a clean state, try and maintain that state for as long as possible. It is much easier to maintain a clean environment when you are on top of the little things vs. tackling the large, daunting ones. While I’m brushing my teeth, I often will run a Swiffer around my apartment or grab my Dyson and vacuum one room. It’s an easy step to help preserve cleanliness when you can combine tasks together.


Tip #2: Distinguish your Workspace 

Set aside one room or area in your home that is strictly for you to get work done. Because I check my emails & occasionally work from home, it’s easy to work from wherever is comfortable. However, I try and spend most of my time in my office space when working. It allows me to stay focused & keep all of my workpieces in one place. 1 Tip I like to use to make sure my office area stays organized––bring everything out of the office space, and slowly add needed items back in. Do you use the item daily? Designate an easy to reach spot for it. Use it regularly? Find a drawer, cabinet, or container to keep it in a tidy space. Have you forgotten all about the item? Toss it. Clutter accumulates because it has nowhere else to go. Give everything a home, and then keep it in its designated place. You will notice a big difference in your productivity if you are working from a visually pleasing environment.

Tip #3: Stay Organized & use a Planner

I jot down notes in my planner to constantly remind myself of what needs to get done, what is important and what I have completed. From there I check to see what can be delegated and what I can take on myself. Having my schedule/tasks organizes brings peace to my mind and helps me refocus on my top priorities. 


Sure, cleaning and organizing are time-consuming and there’s always an opportunity cost. 30-60 minutes a day spent cleaning/tidying could be time spent checking more emails, working on a business opportunity or even keeping up with my social life. But what’s the opportunity cost of disorder in your life? Your mind, body and soul not only appreciates the logical flow of an organized home, but thrives on it. Try out Adèle House Cleaning and get 30% off your first cleaning service with code “KELSEY30” #AdeleClean 



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