Top 4 Benefits of a Personal Trainer



Top 4 Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Kelsey Hergott |

It's no secret that when it comes to exercise a lot of people find different excuses to avoid it. Whether it’s motivation, lack of knowledge or time related issues, making a commitment to yourself to live the healthiest life possible is difficult for many. However, with increased awareness surrounding the importance of staying active its prompted an increase in the demand of personal training, which is where I come in.


Being a personal trainer, I am in constant contact with many different individuals all with different goals, strengths, weaknesses and reasons behind why they’ve hired me in the first place. All unique, I build personal relationships with my clients and work with them side-by-side pushing past limitations to ultimately help reach their end goals. Clients that have been with me for a long time frequently get asked by friends/family why after so long they would still need me because shouldn't they know how to workout by now? It’s not THAT SIMPLE! Knowing what to do is one thing but showing up can be the most difficult part.


Reasons differ person to person which is why I have listed the top 4 benefits of a personal trainer, outlining the main reasons why personal training is so effective and potentially allowing you to discover if this service is right for YOU. No more excuses, a healthier you starts today!


1.) Accountability and Motivation


They say the hardest part is getting there, and for a lot of individuals this statement holds true. Having a personal trainer means having someone that not only has your best interest at heart, but will also hold you accountable. Similar to meeting a friend, you do not want to let that person down. If I’m here, you’re here - physically and mentally.  Knowing that you have someone waiting for you eliminates the option of making an excuse to cancel on the gym. This is a major step and most of the time I consider myself an accountability coach. I do not let my clients no show unless there is a valid excuse, not wanting to do a workout that day definitely does not suffice! I am that extra push that they need, constantly encouraging and motivating them to be the best versions of themselves. Show up, work hard, push past your limits, that’s it! No one ever regrets a workout they did do.


2.) Educational


Are you able to get yourself to the gym, but stuck once you’re there? Are you simply completing exercises that maybe you’ve seen online or by watching others, but not really sure if they are effective? This is the second major category many people fall into. There is a correlation between exercises and results, there is a rhyme and a rhythm to it. An effective workout consists of exercises properly compiled together and placed in a specific order. For example, exercises that require more energy (squats, deadlifts, bench press etc.) should always be done at the beginning of a workout when energy levels are still optimal. When you work with a trainer they will build a program based off your goals and what you want to achieve in the most efficient way possible. Correct exercise pairing will optimize results with no wasted time.


A lot of gym-goers are also not aware of proper technique and form when completing exercises. There are specific mechanics that go into every moment in regards to activation, alignment, tempo etc. Slightly changing positioning or weight transfer and even speed of movement can make the exercise so much more effective. Any trainer that you are working with should have the knowledge base to cue proper movement and ensure proper form is being executed.


3.) Goal Setting


Goal setting is important in every aspect of life and it’s no different when it comes to exercise. It allows you to stay on track and keeps you focussed on the end results while being process-oriented. It is a reminder of why you started and became dedicated in the first place.  Setting realistic goals with a trainer is a very important part of the process as a lot of the time we set ourselves up for failure by setting our stakes too high. Everyone wants results as quick as possible, but it’s our duty to set up an action plan that is maintainable and attainable. When you want to stray, we keep you focussed and on the right path reminding you that what you believe is what you can achieve!


4.) Personal Connection


No doubt that you want to find a trainer that you feel comfortable and can develop a personal relationship with. A lot of the time trainers end up doubling as therapists which is something I love about what I do. You become that person's support system, not only do they rely on you in the gym but they also rely on you to listen when they need someone to talk to. You are that objective non-judgemental opinion and I find myself becoming a support system in more ways than one. Working out not only a physical release but it is mental as well, leaving stresses and worries from the day behind.


 Investing in your health is the best investment you can make to truly live your best life possible. Working with a professional allows you to make the most use out of your time while ensuring you are taking the most effective steps towards reaching your goals. Working out can be daunting but having a personal trainer lessens the stress of the process and allows you to focus on becoming the the healthiest version of you. At the end of the day, find someone who ultimately has your best interest at heart and work together to create a life you love!




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