4 Ways to Stay Motivated

Kelsey Hergott |

The MOST commonly asked questions I get from people is how I am so motivated all the time to workout. On a regular week I work out 5-6 times which may seem like a lot to most people, but when it becomes a lifestyle it becomes part of your daily routine.


Most of my motivation comes from the way exercise makes me feel. It is my therapy, my stress relief, my sanity and most importantly it makes me feel my best. If I am tired, it gives me more energy. If I am down, it puts me in a more positive state of mind. Like anyone else, I have days or even weeks sometimes where it is more challenging for me to stay on top of my fitness regime. Every so often I go through phases of feeling lazy and unmotivated but once I start up again after a couple days I find myself back to where I left off.


DO NOT feel discouraged if you get in a rut or can’t bring yourself to get out and active for a period of time. What you really need to do is come up with a plan! You need to find all the different ways that help you stay motivated and focused on looking and feeling your absolute best.


Below I am sharing with you my top 5 most helpful tips when it comes to motivation and fitness.


1.)  Plan Your Workouts

Near the end of each week I begin to plan my workouts for the upcoming week. It is helpful for a lot of people to have a consistent schedule when it comes to working out. For example, every Monday yoga at 5PM, Tuesdays boxing at 5PM ect. This helps with accountability, as you feel guilty about missing a class that you’ve been so consistent with in past weeks. You also will not be scrambling the day of trying to figure out where and when you are going to workout. The only worry that remains is getting to your workout in time and putting forth your best effort.


However if you are like me and you like to switch up your schedule, then planning out your workouts before the week starts is extremely helpful. In doing so, make sure you sign up for the classes you plan on attending because this will be an extra incentive to go. Most classes have late cancel policies so if you happen to be not feeling it last minute, hopefully that late charge will be enough to get your butt out the door!


2.)  Find a Workout Buddy

It wasn’t until the past couple years I became way more inclined to working out with friends. I used to go to the gym every single day and do my own workouts and that was my favorite way to get my workout in. I was not into group classes and I simply did not like having any distractions when working out. Nowadays, I am the complete opposite. I love working out with friends and even connecting with new people in the fitness industry to get my sweat on.


Working out with a partner holds you ACCOUNTABLE! No one likes bailing last minute. If you have someone waiting on for you, it definitely is an extra push to get to the class. If you have ClassPass you are able to see the classes your friends have signed up for and you can join the same ones. If you aren’t into group classes, meeting a friend at the gym gives you that same push. Don’t be late and don’t your friends down! You are in it together.


3.)  Goal Setting

Do you have goals? What do you want to work towards? What do you want to achieve and accomplish? – Think both short & long term.


These are all questions you should be asking yourself on a weekly basis. You should be constantly following up with your short-term goals and checking in weekly with your long term. Again setting goals come back to accountability. When you set goals you are setting yourself up for success and at the end of the day you are the only one accountable for your own success.


Maybe you are starting to get into fitness so one of your first goals is to workout 2-3 times a week. I would say this is a pretty realistic goal. It may not matter to you what the workouts are just as long as you are getting active and that is absolutely fine! You need to start somewhere. You do not want to overachieve and set yourself up for failure. Make sure your goals are attainable and realistic. As you begin to be more consistent with your workouts, you may find your goals becoming more specific. Maybe you are bumping up your weights for your squats or running sprints for 10 seconds longer. Whatever it may be, ultimately your goals are enabling you to stick to a plan, staying motivated and accomplished.


4. )Variety

By nature, humans need change and variety to stay motivated. If you follow my blogs it is evident by all the studio reviews I’ve done while traveling that I love checking out different studios and different styled workouts. Exercise shouldn’t just be about losing weight and burning off calories, it is important that you are having fun while doing it. That being said, finding a variety of different types of workouts that you enjoy will help motivate you to stay on track. If you are doing something you enjoy, you most likely are going to continue to keep doing it.


Mixing up your workouts also means you are mixing up your muscle groups and challenging your body. If you are constantly doing the same workouts, your body is going to adjust to it and you will plateau. The saying ‘what doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you’ could not be more accurate especially when it comes to fitness. You should always be constantly switching up your workouts that can also include weight, sets, timing, reps etc. Whatever it may be just ensure week-to-week you are not falling into the exact same routine. SWITCH IT UP!


Hopefully this read has given you some insight on how to stay motivated and stick to your fitness routine. Again it is important to remember that we all have our days. Motivation isn’t always going to be there. What’s important is when you do have off days, take those days to recoup and make a plan to start again the following day. Consistency is everything. Consistency will eventually lead to daily workout motivation. Crave the sweat and live that healthy active lifestyle! Stay motivated friends :)



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