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WORKOUT: 3.5/5



I had to check out at least one boxing class while on my last trip to Los Angeles and Prevail happened to be the chosen one. Right when I walked into the studio I felt super welcomed by their staff who were very helpful setting me up with gloves, wraps and a locker with my name already labelled on it. They took me and another first timer into the room and explained the layout of the workout and prepped us on the punches/technique.

We started with laps around the room doing different dynamic movements (high knees, butt kicks, grape vine etc.) then quickly got into one of the five stations to begin the workout. We did three rotations through of the same stations (1 min each), the only difference was one station we were adding on the given combo each time we went back to it.

The station right after that one was the same combos except the instructor was there with pads instead of the punching bag. The only other station that had boxing was freestyle which again I’ve mentioned in reviews I am not a huge fan of when going to a class because it is not as challenging – there is no thought going into your punches and can get unmotivating for some. The two other stations were lateral jumps and a mountain climber/burpee combo. They ended the class with partner ab work which was a really great burn.

I thought going into it there would be a lot more boxing involved but it was more of a medium intensity boxing/conditioning class, I did not find it challenging. If you are newer to boxing this class would be awesome for you. What I did love about the studio itself was the decor and the murals on the walls, (as you can see in my pictures) perfect for a photo-op. There are lockers at the front and two private bathrooms I believe one has a shower but it did not look very appealing. Overall it was a good experience with super friendly instructors and staff but next time I am in LA I will be looking for a more intense boxing experience! Prevail Boxing is on ClassPass.


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