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On my most recent trip to NYC for a bachelorette party I stopped into a Flywheel spin class which was conveniently located beside my hotel on Park Ave. I couldn’t NOT sneak away for an hour to try it out! Flywheel has multiple locations across the US and the first time I heard about it was in Miami so I knew I had to add it to my list of must-try gyms.

Most spin classes that are around now all have a similar vibe to one another: dimmed lighting, loud music, incorporated weight series etc. There are very few things that set each studio apart but what makes Flywheel different is the tech-pack on each bike.

It allows you to monitor and adjust your effort during your ride and you can also share your real-time performance with other riders. This gives you the opportunity to push yourself and get competitive, maybe challenge a friend but definitely is not mandatory – my stats were not shared as I wasn’t aware this was an option at beginning of class.

The resistance on the bike is also connected to the tech-pack so you can always see what level of resistance you are at and adjust from there. During each series the instructor gives you a range to put your resistance to (e.g. 20-25) in order for you to ensure you are pushing yourself to an appropriate level. Everyone can be lazy in class sometimes (guilty) so I found this very helpful and also motivating on my lack of sleep to keep up with everyone in the room. I am actually surprised that no other spin studio I’ve been to or heard of has done anything similar – bravo Flywheel. One other thing was that their weighted series was done with a bar instead of weights which was interesting because it allowed for different types of exercises not just traditional bicep curls, shoulder raises etc. which is what most spin classes do.

In terms of the studio facilities, if it was very well-kept with clean change rooms and showers. There was a shared area in the hallway for lockers which was pretty spacious for when it gets busy. The cycle room is set up as a stadium which is key so you are not riding with booty views for 45 minutes. If you are every in the states and wanting to cycle I do recommend trying out Flywheel for a different spin experience!


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