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I have been wanting to check out Tone House my past couple trips to NYC, so I made it a priority when I visited in May. Previously when I was looking into NYC studios, I saw that Tone House was an athletic-based workout and could not wait to try it! I’ve mentioned before that I played sports growing up so I have always been athletic and I have to say this was one of my FAVORITE studios that I have visited to date (next to Rise Nation – LA).

They create a team-oriented yet competitive atmosphere emulating training similar to an athlete. This is the first time I have seen this concept and they definitely nailed it.

The studio was designed to replicate a stadium, everything from the locker rooms to the the actual workout space – they even have bleachers! I really felt like this added to the entire experience. GO big or GO home. In terms of the workout, we started with a football inspired warm up, doing different drills with the hurdles. I was already sweating by the end of it. From there we did some dynamic stretching and went into the first floor sequence which was racing others using sliders under the hands on the turf. I am very competitive, I really find that it pushes me when I am working out (hence why I love trying different studios and working out with others!!). From there we went into sled pull/pushes, weighted squat jumps, rowing, and a few other exercise combinations.

It is safe to say I was absolutely dead by the end of it, which is not always the case when trying new workouts. If you are into conditioning workouts and want to be challenged, I would definitely recommend checking out Tone House. I would say that it is an advanced workout, if you are more of a beginner it could be very intimidating for you. It is a class you need to workout yourself up to if you are not used to working out at a high intensity.

In terms of the amenities, they have shared lockers in the lounge area and separate change rooms with showers and space to get ready. They even have couches and TVs in the lounge to hang out before and after your workout. It was very clean and I felt comfortable getting ready there for the rest of my day which was a plus. Again, if you like being challenged in a fun and interactive environment I 100 percent recommend Tone House, it will change the way you view fitness studios. It is a KILLER workout!


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