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Totum really is your one stop shop for all fitness and health related needs. Totum prides themselves on offering top of the line science based services with two locations in Toronto – King West and Roxborough. They offer group training classes, physiotherapy, chiro, nutrition, sports medicine, youth athletic training, personal training, memberships and more! The facility itself is wellkept with fully stocked spacious locker rooms and lots of room to shower and get ready for the day. It is two floors with all the physio and chiro on the bottom floor and the workout space on the second. The gym area is open concept with large windows and natural lighting which I love.

I had the privilege of trying out a chiro session, one-on-one training and a group class all at Totum.

Starting with the chiro, if you heard my rant on my Instagram story you already know HOW IMPORTANT it is to go see a chiro every so often whether you workout or not. You only have one body and you should be doing everything possible to ensure a healthy aging process. I did not go into the appointment with any specific concerns, but right off the bat Dr. Waj (who is amazing btw!!) saw that I have a pelvic tilt which no other chiro has told me before. He explained what it meant, broke it all down for me and it gave me reasoning as to why my lower back was often times in pain. He then gave me exercises to be completing on my own, and after a week I’ve noticed such a huge difference. I continue to catch myself tilting outwards but I quickly make the correction, focusing more on core engagement. This experience goes to show that one session with a therapist can make such a huge impact on your daily living and I definitely recommend it to you all!

Next up I did the one-on-one kettlebell training session with Clint who was also super awesome! We reviewed the kettlebell basics and then he took me through a session and I was already sweating within the first 5 minutes. What I loved most about the experience was that he was very knowledgeable and taught me a lot that I can carry over into my training. That is definitely something you want to see in any personal trainer. We finished the session with Turkish Get Ups and it might possibly be my new favorite exercise. If you are not sure that it is, look it up! It is great for anyone at any level to be doing, modified by using different weights.

Lastly, I did a kettlebell group class which was a good sweat. I found the class to be more cardio based rather than strength but that could change based on the instructor and the day. The class was 60 minutes and all exercises were done with kettlebells… obviously. Because the gym is open concept, there was not much of a vibe to the class. It took place in the back part of the fitness area, but there are still other gym-goers working out all around. This also means that there was no music specifically for the class, there was just music on in the background catering to everyone. When it comes to classes, I believe that music and the vibe makes for a huge part of the experience. This would probably be my only complaint, other than that the workout itself was good.

Overall, I am so happy that I finally got to check out Totum and would definitely recommend checking out either a class there or going in for a physio/chiro session. They consider themselves a premier fitness club and they definitely live up to that standard.


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