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WORKOUT: 4.5/5



Myodetox is not only known for their killer workouts and facility but the founder Vinh Pham is becoming more and more renowned for his work as a physiotherapist. They have only one training facility in Toronto, but they have now opened up a few clinics around the city and opening their first clinic in LA very soon. I have not been for a physio session yet but I definitely would love to get in on a session as him and his team are experts in the league!

A few weeks back I went to the burn class which is a 60 minute HIIT circuit at the studio on Polson st. It can be a little tricky to locate, you have to go around the back to find the main entrance (don’t listen to your GPS!!).

They refer to this class as “metabolic conditioning” because HIIT training allows your body to continue burning fat AFTER your workout is complete – also known as EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption). This HIIT circuit compared to most other HIIT classes at other gyms was a lot more strength based which I loved. It was probably my favorite HIIT style class at a studio that I’ve done to date! They also offer a strictly cardio based HIIT class and a strength based HIIT class – BURN is a combo of both!

A lot of studios that offer HIIT styled classes focus mostly on cardio based exercises, but at Myodetox we were incorporating pull-ups, barbell squats, box jumps, chest press etc. to name a few. There were four different stations, with three exercises at each. We completed three sets of each exercise, and by the end I felt pretty depleted which is definitely not always the case after a lot of classes I go to. It was an awesome workout, now I definitely know why people kept recommending me to go there. If you are up for a strength and conditioning challenge, the burn class is definitely for you! I had Steve as an instructor, he was super motivating and really good vibes – check out one of his classes! I can’t wait to go back for another one.

In terms of the studio facilities, they have a common area with seating where you can leave your belongings (right next to the workout area). They also have separate change rooms upstairs with showers and TRUST ME you’ll definitely need to shower after that workout. The actual workout space is very large and they have lots of different equipment that is utilized for group training but for also one on one sessions as well. Again if you are looking for a new HIIT class to try out, definitely go and check out Myodetox!


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