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WORKOUT: 4.5/5



CORE is one of the newest studios that has opened up in Forest Hill, Toronto and let’s just say it is definitely unique from any studio I have visited! It is always refreshing to find a new studio with a different concept that has not been explored yet. The concept of the studio really is focussed on core, with all the classes having tailored exercises that not only work upper/lower body but midsection as well. The studio also offers one-on-one training with either the owner Joshua or with one of their other certified trainers.

I started off my session with Joshua focussing on what would be their Lower Body + Core class. We started on the treadmill but unlike any other treadmill incorporated class I’ve done we weren’t actually running.

SO how exactly were we using the treadmill? We did a series of different dynamic lower body exercises on the treadmill that had me profusely sweating only after a couple minutes. There was a lot of lunging, pushing, burning and core engagement. CORE is the ONLY treadmill class that works your hips in all 3 planes of motion and by the end of the treadmill portion I was already feeling challenged (which a lot of the time does not happen when taking classes).

The next portion of the workout was done on the floor with again the focus on lower body and of course core. All the movements we did were dynamic and honestly every single exercise we did was brand new to me. This has never happened at a studio. EVER! I was super impressed by the entire workout. Most of the exercises are a bit complicated to explain however if you go to my Facebook page (Kelsey Rose) you can see a few of the different movements we completed. The focus is on the chain reactions we create in our bodies and making our core reach its functional threshold.

Generally speaking with different exercises our core is somewhat engaged even if we are unaware. The difference at CORE is that all of their unique movements are designed to effectively engage the core while still having a focus on either upper or lower body. I could physically see my abs engaged the entire time. It was very clear to me throughout the workout that the studio is very appropriately named (lol) and I absolutely loved every minute of it! In terms of the studio facilities there are no change rooms or showers in the actual space but there is a shared bathroom down the hall. I wouldn’t suggest going straight from a workout back to work unless you plan on showing up sweaty! There are lockers to store your belongings while you work.The space itself is brand new so all the equipment is on point and ready at your disposal. If you are looking to change up your workout regime and try something new that I promise will leave your body sore then I definitely recommend checking out a class at CORE!


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