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As I am sitting here at home fighting off a sore throat, I thought what better way to put rest time to use than to write a blog post on how to avoid/recover from the flu. I am definitely not a doctor nor am I extremely knowledgeable with holistic medicine but I am not one to head to the pharmacy when catching the flu. Advil cold and sinus is a big NO for me! Without getting controversial you can research the negative effects within the body that are caused by over the counter medicine. I prefer to put things into my body that my body actually wants – vitamins, nutrients, herbs etc. Of course getting sick is inevitable however there are natural remedies that help fight off sickness especially when noticing early signs. Below I share with you my go-to “medicines” that are not only fast and effective but that your body will thank you for.



I swear by bone broth. It is probably the first thing I reach for when noticing early signs of a cold. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know what bone broth is and what it can do for the body. I understand that the the name “bone broth” doesn’t sound too appealing, but trust me it is actually delicious and extremely nutritious. Bone broth is made by boiling bones and straining the liquid which is a breakdown of collagen that turns into gelatine. Most bone broths are also made with vegetables for extra nutrients. Extra points if you can make your own, there are tons of recipes online. In Toronto my go-to for bone broth is Cali Love and more recently Ripe Nutrition – they are now offering delivery woot woot!


If you don’t have vitamin C in your vitamin collection I suggest you add it immediately! Not only is it beneficial to dose up on it when you’re feeling under the weather but it’s good to take on the daily either way. Vitamin C is an antioxidants that protect against toxins within the body and assists in the growth of collagen. It works wonders for our immune systems, which is why we should be taking it when we are sick. It also helps with the absorption of iron and as a result strengthens our body’s resistance to infection. I personally like the chewables but it comes in a couple different forms. Try also the EMERGEN-C, you can find this at any drug store. It is a tea based version of vitamin C and will hopefully leave you feeling better in no time!


Both echinacea and oil of oregano are two oils that should be in reach at all times. They are both amazing natural herbal healing tools with wide ranges of use. Starting with oil of oregano, it is an antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiviral (the list goes on and on) that can assist our body when fighting off infections. It is derived from the leaves of oregano and again boosts the immune system as it stimulates the production of white blood cells which is the body’s main line of defense.

Echinacea is also derived from a plant (it is a perennial) giving off many different benefits similar to oil of oregano. It supports the immune system, helping to fight off colds, flus, infections etc. BUT it also helps PREVENT all of these as well. Both echinacea and oil of oregano can be implemented into your daily routine, not only when you’re noticing early signs of sickness. It is important to keep in mind that you are buying PURE forms of both of these herbs. Make sure to check out the label to ensure legitimacy or else you may not be receive full benefits!



Last but not least I have included cold pressed juices to be on the list of ways to fight off a cold. As you may already know, cold pressed juices are filled with lots and lots of vitamins, nutrients and minerals which is what our bodies need when feeling under the weather. The quicker we are able to fill our bodies with what it needs, the sooner we get our health back. The reasoning for cold-pressed juices vs. non cold-pressed is because the max amount of pulp and fibre is extracted from the fruit and vegetables making it the rawest form of juice available. Very very rich in anti-inflammatories and nutrients. Avoid pasteurized it is a completely different process and chemicals/preservatives are added to ensure no bacteria forms while it sits on the shelf at the grocery store … for however long. That is also why cold-pressed juices have a short shelf life, there’s nothing added! Look for juices that have ginger, lemon, orange and turmeric however any cold-pressed juice you find will definitely help you out!

I am hoping this read gave you a better understanding of the steps you can take towards living a healthier lifestyle while preventing sickness. These are my GO-TO’s and promise if you incorporate a couple of these you will be on the right path to recovery.. Being sick sucks and you should be taking the necessary steps to be feeling your best again!


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