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Goal setting will forever and always be a trend. Whether it be with business, relationships or health, setting yourself up for success is extremely valuable in all aspects of life. It allows you to see a clear vision of what you want and create a plan to reach that specific point. For the strong minded, setting goals will lead you down the pathway of success and will also hold you accountable for your actions.

Goals can’t be vague. You need to know what you want.

Call it human nature, but majority of us have an innate ability to set out and conquer. When it comes to health and fitness, we often see individuals declaring they will ‘lose 10 pounds’ or ‘eat healthier’ but there is no direct action plan to follow suit. Being in the health and wellness industry and I see it time and time again and it is a major problem.

So you want to lose weight. What are you going to do about it? What is your short-term and long-term plan? Making a commitment is great and all, but with no strategy you are setting yourself up for failure.

After you have set your goal, the first step is creating your action plan. What are the specific steps you are going to take to achieve your goal. Your plan should include a progressive list of actions leading towards the end result. Having a curated strategy also makes it easier to follow through because you always know what your next step is.

Step two – focus, focus, focus. If you set out to succeed, you must stay single-minded on exactly that. Consistency is necessary during this phase, turn your efforts into habits. There will always be minor roadblocks in the way of triumph, but to overcome you must always revert back to your purpose, which is to do and be better. Actions speak louder than words, so show us what you got.

Victory! Now you have reached your goal. What’s next? Step three requires maintenance. I have first handedly witnessed individual’s set out and reach their goal of losing weight only to eventually gain it back over time. When it comes to health and fitness you can never stop putting in work. To maintain it takes a lot less effort than it did to get there however, if you divert from your new regime you will eventually end up back where you started. All hard work is then lost and no one wants that.

Instead, you make a new goal. You set out to reach new heights. If you are happy and content with where you are, perhaps your goal is to simply maintain and that is perfectly fine. But maybe there is something inside pushing you to be a stronger version of yourself, so the cycle continues and you start again from step one.

Now get out there – Set some goals and always strive to be better version of YOURSELF!


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