Healthy Habits & You for 2023



Healthy Habits & You for 2023

Kelsey Hergott |

Ok team, 2023 is it. It’s ours. It’s the one that’s going to bring real change, real growth, real focus, and real momentum. Whatever that may look like to you; because what we’re not going to do is set unrealistic goals and expectations that just result in us feeling bad about ourselves. That’s so last year. 


So, instead, let’s give ourselves some grace and adopt habits that are more human; more humane, more us. 

Remember: social media can be a dangerous place this time of year. The endless stream of green juice can be enough to drown in. So don’t get overwhelmed! Instead, stick to this list and adapt these suggestions for healthy habits in a way that best suits you and your lifestyle. Comparison is the thief of joy, and we’re doing anything but taking joy away from ourselves this year, I know that much!


Practice proper breathing


Breathwork is a powerful practice that can completely change your state of mind. Slow, deep breathing activates the parasympathetic and tells our body that it’s safe to relax. The benefits? Reduced stress, lowered anxiety, enhanced focus, improved mood, and calming of negative thoughts just to name a few. Try incorporating this small but mighty practice into your morning or evening and watch the shifts take place. If you’re in Toronto, check out Othership and their studio offerings, or their app for at home guided work, too. 




Let’s face it, very few of us can afford the lifestyle we dream of… at least, not yet. So in the meantime, it’s time to save, save, save. There are a ton of different budgeting templates available for purchase and download on Etsy where you can simply input your monetary goals and set yourself up for financial success in 2023. Whether it means cutting back on Ubers, making more meals at home, or cancelling subscriptions you no longer need, these little changes can add up to a lot of money in your bank account by the end of the next 12 months. In the meantime, think about how you can treat yourself afterwards!


Start your morning right


The way you start your day sets the tone for how your day will play out. I know I sound like a broken record sometimes, but when you realize the difference a stable schedule makes in your routine, you’ll understand why I live and die on this hill. So make the morning smoothie bowl, cut the fruit, cook the eggs, toast the bread, brew the coffee, drink the water. Your morning is meant to fuel you for the next 10 hours, so do yourself a favour and do it right. 


Intentional movement


Again, we’re not setting goals we know we can’t realistically achieve this year. By this point in life, we know ourselves pretty well, right? So listen to your body, especially when it comes to movement. Being intentional with your movement at least three times a week can completely turn your lifestyle around – seriously. Your body, mind and soul will always thank you for getting a sweat in. The SWK platform and every monthly Challenge is designed to best suit your needs when it comes to physical fitness. Whether it’s HIIT or yogalates, there’s a space for you in our community. January’s Challenge is the perfect opportunity to kickstart your 2023 reset and get you in the groove of wanting to move daily, monthly, and before you know it, into 2024. Register here to discover more and become a member!


Social detox


This can be a real game changer in your mental health this year, trust me. Whether you commit to one day a week or every night after 9 PM, stepping away from your social media channels will allow you to connect with real life rather than your screen. Have you ever been notified of your screentime on a Sunday night when you’re just miding your own business, and in turn been horrified? We’re not doing that in 2023. We’re dedicating more time to the real world and the real people in it. Because life is short and that’s what matters more! So challenge yourself and see what type of social detox will work for you in the long run. You’ve got this! 


Learn more


It’s funny that by the time we’re done learning in school comes the time we’re actually interested in learning more. We’ve developed interests, careers, hobbies, passions, and now we can really dig in and discover more about what our minds are craving. Try watching a new documentary on a subject that piques your interest, or reading a book that adds to your knowledge on a subject. You can never know enough, so why stop? Your brain will thank you for continuing to stretch and grow it with the information that fuels it! Plus, it’s fun to be a know-it-all sometimes, isn’t it?


In the interest of avoiding overwhelm, I think those habits are more than enough to get you on track to paving a year that feels healthier, more human, and more you. Introduce them one at a time, slowly and patiently, and enjoy the ride. You’ve got 365 days to create the first chapter of what you want the rest of your book to read like, and I can’t wait to read it. 


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